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Spring Cleaning: Accessories Edition

March 8, 2011

We may still be a few weeks away from the official Spring kickoff, but in our Winter-hating minds, that sucker has sprung already. All of us are ready to refresh, whether it be our skin, our hair, or our lives. It’s time to get that facial, buy that new pair of shoes we’ve been eyeing, attempt to salvage those strands of straw sitting on top of our heads, and – what’s that you say? You’re broke as shit? What a coincidence – so am I! Throw that on top of the fact that we barely have time to book an appointment, nevermind actually make it to one, and we’re SOL. But wait, there’s hope: I have a few tiny tricks we can all do that can rejuvenate us for Spring.

For starters, go shopping in your closet. For the ladies: take a look around and get your accessories out in the open. Half of the time we buy earrings and necklaces and stuff them away in a drawer or leave them in a box. But this isn’t practical when you consider the fact that we are usually in a rush when getting dressed and heading out the door, and we don’t have time to start sifting through boxes. Instead, take your accessories out of their boxes and get them in your face. This minor change makes it way easier to see your options. For example, use a votive candle holder to hang your earrings and put them easily within your reach:

If you don’t have a votive holder, a small drinking glass works just as well. Next, grab a necklace tree to string your necklaces on:

If you can’t find a necklace tree, you can just put a few coat hooks up on a closet wall, or you could order one of these free-standing trees, from Urban Outfitters:,+product.marketingPriority

Seeing your jewelry out in the open makes it much easier to get the most out of your wardrobe, and will allow you to accessorize and match pieces quickly. I’ve said it before, but the truth is that nothing in this blog is rocket science – it is all relatively easy, inexpensive, underwhelming tweaks to our lives to make things a bit easier or give that extra bit of inspiration to get us on our way. Because when you really think about it, big changes and improvements are really just the culmination of small adjustments we make to our daily routines.

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  1. Gina Losito permalink
    March 8, 2011 3:37 pm


    Love it. I have 2 drawers full of jewelry to go shopping in. Great idea.


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